T75 10’ Liquid Gas Tank

We have a range of approved tanks used primarily for offshore Wellservice operations.

OHS offer a range of Liquid Gas tanks used in offshore Wellservice operations. Products include 2000 and 5000 USG DNV 2.7-1– approved units. The OHS fleet also includes 5500 USG 20ft ISO tanks used for the shipment of liquid gases including Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, LNG and Ethylene.

In addition to ISO tanks, OHS offer Trailers for the transportation of LNG, including a 58,000L unit suitable for the European market.

OHS offer a comprehensive list of spare and replacement parts for Offshore and Industrial Liquid Gas tanks including gauges, valves and relief devices. We also supply accessories such as DNV lifting slings, transfer hoses and couplings for Liquid Gases including LIN, LOX, LAR, as well as Lifting Beams for assisted handling.

T75 20’ Liquid Gas Tank

The T75 10’ is a vacuum insulated liquid gas transportable / storage tank, designed to transport liquid gases by road, rail and sea with pressures ranging from 10 to 24bar.

Approved products for transportation include Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Nitrous Oxide, LNG and Ethylene.