Nitrogen Production Units

OHS Offers a wide range of nitrogen production systems to suit all applications.

With the increase in remote activities in both offshore and onshore fields, increases the demand towards having more nitrogen without dealing with logistics. Our offer is to provide an on-demand, low maintenance and reliable source of nitrogen, through our on-site membrane-based nitrogen systems.

The use of an onsite membrane-based nitrogen system helps reduce pressure to the supply chain, increasing efficiency.

How it works

Nitrogen Production Units (NPU) take untreated compressed air and convert it into nitrogen at purities from 95% – 99.9%. This untreated air goes through a selection of filtration methods (coalescing, moisture and carbon) to remove hydrocarbons (oils), moisture and particulates. After this filtration, the air passes through the membranes where the molecules are separated. The nitrogen flows through the membrane fibres from one end to the other, and the other gases dissipate through the sides of the membrane to form what is called permeate gases (waste). All systems are ergonomically designed to allow safe operation and maintenance.

Our own technology

OHS designs, engineers and manufactures hollow fiber membranes and complete membrane systems for gas separation and purification. With over 30 years of experience in nitrogen membrane systems, we offer membrane generators for sale and rent to our customers.

Nitrogen production systems

  • Portable units are containerized to meet offshore DNV 2.7-1 standards
  • Purities from 95% – 99%
  • Flow rate from 10 Nm3/hr up to 4,700 Nm3/hr on standard systems, flow rate unlimited on custom designed systems
  • Operating pressure up to 24 barg (350 psig)
  • Designed as simple plug and play systems where only compressed air and electrical power is required
  • Choice of hazardous (Class I/ATEX) or non hazardous zone systems are available
  • Choice of system with and without compressors – OHS supplies a range of compressors to suit customer needs which are fully integrated into the nitrogen system


  • High reliability
  • Meet offshore standards
  • Enhanced safety systems (intrinsic safe system)
  • Resistant to marine environment
  • Easy operating system
  • Easy maintenance system
  • Rig safe or ATEX as an option


  • Support for installation of equipment
  • Support for commissioning of full system
  • Preventive maintenance – Labor and spare parts
  • Technical assistance support
  • Telemonitoring of performances
  • Uptime guarantee